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An infinite spring of wellness, health, adventure and fitness bubbles about Conrad Bali, creating choices to suit your needs and desires, from soothing spa rituals to exhilarating watersports. Learn from professionals or have fun at your leisure at our modern beachfront resort.

A beautifully designed, naturally lit dance studio is the backdrop for our wellness classes.

Enjoy a group cardio session with aerobics or step, or use the 24-hour fitness center ? fully equipped with the latest exercise equipment for an invigorating work-out. The extensive pool complex is the perfect spot for a bracing dip or some serious laps.

Our 350-meter sandy beach and the azure expanse of the Indian Ocean beyond makes possible everything from beach volleyball and soccer to windsurfing and sailing.

Learn tennis from professional instructors, either in a daily group clinic or with one-to-one tuition. Our personalized bicycle tours are the perfect way to learn more about local culture while taking some light exercise.

Whether you want to burn off some holiday indulgence, begin a quest for inner peace, or train with the best equipment and finest teachers, the Wellness Center at Conrad Bali is the ultimate boutique for the body.



An ancient practice hailing from India, with a rich mix of varied techniques, designed to reduce tension, strengthen and realign the body.



The practice of quietening and emptying the mind of mundane and idle thoughts, and developing a sense of calm, clarity and serenity.


Cardio & Fitness Burn

Cardiovascular activities are highly beneficial for fitness, firming, toning, and calorie-burning weight loss. Join the fitness team as they guide you through a fun and energetic workout.


Core & Abs Crunch Workout

A specialized workout equips you with techniques to strengthen, firm and tone your deeper core muscle groups, as well as trimming down your abdominal girth and waist line, while building your ‘wash-board’ abs.


Stretch & Flex

An exercise to help treat unresolved stresses and emotions stored within the body. Stretching and flexibility is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.